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Child and dadThe health of your child’s mouth is important.

Not only does your child’s smile affect his self-esteem, but a healthy mouth is also critical for speaking clearly and eating food to help their body grow. Children who have pain from tooth decay (cavities), may also be distracted from learning. Parents can help children begin life with healthy habits – brushing teeth twice a day, using toothpaste with fluoride, limiting sugary food and drinks, and making regular dental visits a priority as soon as teeth begin to erupt.

I-Smile can help you! I-Smile coordinators, who are local dental hygienists, can link you and your family to dental care. I-Smile also offers preventive dental care and oral health education at WIC clinics, schools, and community events. Click on the Find My I-Smile Coordinator tab above to find your local coordinator.   

Iowa’s School Dental Screening Requirement

In Iowa, children must have a dental screening before enrolling in kindergarten and ninth grade. Having a healthy, pain-free mouth helps kids learn, grow, and thrive!

You can get more information about Iowa’s school dental screening requirement, on the Iowa Department of Public Health’s website.

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Did You Know?

A child’s first dental visit should occur right after the first tooth comes in, or before their 1st birthday.