What Is I-Smile Silver?

Keeping mouths healthy for a lifetime. 

I-Smile Silver is a pilot project for older Iowans, modeled after the I-Smile program for children. The project is designed to improve the ability of Iowans age 60 and older to prevent dental disease, access oral health care, and maintain overall health. 

As a pilot project, I-Smile Silver services are only available in these ten counties: Calhoun, Des Moines, Hamilton, Humboldt, Lee, Pocahontas, Scott, Van Buren, Webster, and Wright. 

I-Smile Silver uses dental hygienists as I-Smile Silver coordinators to work within their communities to: 

  • Identify the oral health needs of older Iowans.
  • Develop referral networks with local dentists.
  • Provide training for direct care professionals.
  • Promote the importance of oral health within communities.
  • Provide preventive dental care to nursing facility residents.

I-Smile Silver is managed by the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Find My Coordinator  

To find an I-Smile Silver coordinator in these counties click on the map below.

More Information

I-Smile Silver Overview PDF

I-Smile Infographic


Did You Know?

Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease for adults aged 65 and over.

What People Say About I-Smile
  • " When you are in the military, they take care of your teeth but when you are a civilian if you don’t have dental coverage you are not able to afford dental care so you don’t go see the dentist. I think this program is important and needed because without it, I would have never known that I had options for dental treatment."

    Johnny, I-Smile Silver participant- Eastern Iowa
  • "I am very thankful for I-Smile Silver. They helped me find a dental provider close by and get the care that I needed at a reasonable cost. "

    Senior Apartment resident- Eastern Iowa
  • "Our I-Smile Silver coordinator came to our care facility and provided education to our direct care staff on oral health. I am very thankful she could come and discuss how oral health impacts overall health! "

    Director of Nursing- Eastern Iowa
  • "As a Certified Nursing Assistant instructor, I am happy to have connected with I-Smile Silver through Carole Ferch in Scott County. She provided me with the information to get certified in oral hygiene. I hope to develop a short in-service for long-term care facility staff to emphasize the importance of really good oral care."

    Certified Nursing Assistant Instructor- Eastern Iowa
  • "Thank you SO much for coming and teaching our senior patients about their teeth and overall health. They really enjoyed your information and receiving a personal dental screening. Thank you so much for what you do; you are changing people's lives. "

    Senior Program Director- Northwest Iowa